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Textile machinery industry will enter a new stage
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History in promoting social progress, science and technology in the promotion of social development, which is not to stop the big trend.

With the development of the social situation and the progress of science and technology, the textile machinery industry has entered a new development period. China's textile machinery industry from the past from scratch, from repair to manufacturing, from a single manufacturing process engineering sets, from a single industry to covering upstream and downstream industries, from a traditional industry to continuous improvement into the high-tech fiber materials manufacturing and deep processing industry of new and high technology.

So, in the new development period, the development of textile machinery industry in what areas?

From a single planned economy to the socialist market economy. Textile machinery production into commodity production, in the past only a domestic market, now facing the international and domestic two markets. The market has no boundary, and the production of commodity must revolve around the market. Resource allocation market is the foundation, the market demand is changing. Market demand, but also to promote our transformation and upgrading, to promote the progress of technology, not to be eliminated. In the past year, tens of thousands of shuttle loom production, supply, and now has woven into the museum to the confidential.

The improvement of the steering quality and the increase of the technical content from the simple amount of the increase. Quantitative change to qualitative change, but also a process of the development of things. From scratch, from there to, from small to large, from weak to strong, is a quantitative change to qualitative change from the process, but also the development of things rules. A product or a product also a number of production, only the pursuit of the number of the same level extension do not seek innovation, does not seek to improve the quality and technology content increased, it is easy to form a "friction", or overproduction and development in the form of forced us to walk the road of innovation.

From traditional industries to high-tech materials and new and high technology industries. The development of the situation prompted the traditional "to climb" to the new materials industry, "to decline to high technology fibers deep processing industry, adapt to the aviation, aerospace, medical, water conservancy, construction industry and decoration, clothing and other emerging industries.

From the traditional mechanical structure to replace the manual era, into the mechanization, automation, continuous, intelligent, electronic technology as the core of the era of information technology. Polyester, chemical fiber spinning production not only large capacity, but also the production of high speed, automation, continuous. High speed operation of the traditional ring spinning technology of high speed and continuous; rotor spinning hundreds of thousands per minute, turn; high-speed reciprocating cross operation of shuttleless loom, RPM thousand above, control the navigation technology.

Product structure change prompted the materialized in the process of manufacturing technology and equipment level and the detection control technology and the technology to improve and promote the traditional processing means to digital display, numerical control, combination, flexible processing technology and online monitoring or terminal quality control technology.

Also can not see, can not touch the casting and metallurgical technology, heat treatment technology and surface treatment technology. All this indicates that the textile machinery industry has entered a new era of high-end equipment manufacturing industry.

The dual task of textile machinery industry in the new era is not only to serve the needs of industry and market development, but also to guide the development of the industry and the market.

The excellent situation, the situation is getting better and better. Transformation and upgrading of the textile industry needs to promote the textile machinery industry must first transformation and upgrading. The rapid development of international science and technology, forcing the textile machinery industry does not take the path of transformation and upgrading. The development of the situation prompted us to change the way of thinking. At the same time, the industry, enterprise organization and management mode and the actual work method, all need to improve. We should grasp the theme of scientific development and the transformation of economic development mode, the main line, relying on scientific and technological innovation to support, to adapt to the situation, accelerate the development of.